Wednesday, 11 February 2015

New beginnings

I decided to cut ties and start a new blog, if you like you can find it here:

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

This will not take a day but..sooo worth it...

So I thought my crafting adventures are all over...We moved house and started a business (that has nothing to do with crafting) and all my creative energy goes there but a whole year later my little projects are creeping back in. Once you start crafting you are soo hooked, like addiction:)

So I made this toy horse, you can find the pattern in Claire Garland's 'Dream Toys' book and it is a really quick knit but the decoration took ages. I don't plan my projects, I just sit down and throw fabric, beads and buttons around until something comes to mind, it is a process that takes longer but it works foe me, I have never sketched down anything when it comes to toys.

Here I wanted strong colors to compliment the mane and tail, I wanted it to be girly as it is adopted by a little girl and I wanted it to be magical. I started with the colorful ribbon around the trunk and all other colors came from that, I knew I wanted a yellow saddle and quickly learned to chain stitch following a youtube video in order to make a patter...that I didn't it's gone...

I might make another one..after I finish three crocheted quilts, a lace gloves from hell followed by a two year dragging on lace scarf and a sweater...and a baby mobile that should be finished in two weeks...and did I mentioned I wanted to paint some furniture...I also have a full time job...
Looking forward them autumn rains:)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Day 169: Cute cross-stitched fox

My blog has been left all lonely for months now so it is definitely time to get going again. I have decided, instead of blogging every day, just keep going until I have 365 posts.
I saw a picture of this cute cross stitched fox in a paper and thought 'can't be that hard', turns out, fro me, it was. I have problems seeing monochrome and when I count rows I easily skip over one or two so this is a result of a lot of undoing and patient swearing in front of telly:) I wanted to make some cross stitched flowers too but my patience just came to an end...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Day 168: Me and my camera

When I was younger I wanted to be a photographer (who doesn't). I got quite good at it, my black and white work was coming on and I was learning to work with light like a proper photographer. Then my professional camera got stolen and I went to uni instead, leaving photography and creative dreams behind. Since then I have been using it sporadically, mainly switching the 'auto' button on and not bothering about it, the pictures tend to be ok.

And then the other day, packing my studio down, I found a manual for my new-ish camera and suddenly I feel that urge again, not to take good photos but to take excellent photos again...

On the other hand I have really been missing my blog. My friends in 365ers have been carrying on while everything here is on hold but my hands are itching. Only a week left now and we will be in our new house and that I can start properly again.

Oh, and the picture, it is a spiders nest from Gotland, Sweden. I accidentally dropped my camera on top of it and it was fine, camera and nest. Absolutely amazing!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

We are moving house

So for my cherished followers and friends, as much as I love my blog and would like to carry on with it, we are moving house so it is really difficult. We have to make a move in mid august so everything is in flux. I have also cranked up my yoga practice so that has taken a lot of time too. I feel I am in a stage where I would like to progress and grow so my efforts have gone that way.

Saying that, I am not giving up on my blog. I love it to much and my skills really have increased, not the least my ability in oil painting. I have been part of a wonderful painting group and just can't make the time to see them which is a real shame and now I have to leave them too:(
So stressed, excited and a bit sad AND we are going away to Sweden in middle of all that just  to sweeten the deal:)

Here is a recent doodle just to make this post a bit more imaginative, it is supposed to be a seal rather then a weird looking bear:)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Day 167: Another horsey doll

This is a good way of exploring collage and using funky paper together with textiles. I really like making these but should probably expand from making horses and elephants.

Day 166: My name

I am well late with my 365ers inspired projects but here it is. Inspired by lauren who makes her name in different fashion every day: Check it out!

Day 165: Cowgirl luggage label

I love easy assemble, creative kits:) This one is from crafts paper Mollie Makes and it's easy day project. My hand sewing is not that brilliant but I am going with rough home made style of Wild West to go with my horses:)

Friday, 6 July 2012

Day 164: Drawing 15

Soldiering on with my drawings. I left this drawing after the first arch and thought of giving up but then when I came back to it I found it a bit easier. Didn't bite the pen in two so that's progress. Perspective is a bit all over the place but that is not main focus anyway, it's those pesky stroke directions and shadows. A friend of mine, who works with architectural illustration, made a small demonstration of perspective drawing for me the other day and that was complicated. Never thought that so many lines could be involved in one drawing. But she knew her business...

Day 163: More horses

So happy with my Winnetou horse I made another one. Brought up in communist country, we never had 'My little pony' so I am making up for it with a collection of my own. Who knew string was so much fun:)

Day 162: A 2D elephant toy

This is my new 2D type of toy made of fabric and paper. Really pleased with it:)