Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 20: Inner child satisfied - check!

Some of you might know, some of you don't, but when I was 12 years old, my family and I had to leave Croatia and flee to Sweden due to the war. On the way, we stopped in Germany for three months to catch a breath so to speak. 
Being from an ex communist state, we weren't used to consumerism of Germany and especially as a child my eyes didn't know what to do with themselves from amount of toys and art stuff they were seeing. Of course we couldn't afford to spend one single shilling as we didn't know what lay ahead. So looking was about it. 
At that time or maybe later, I have seen one of those Scrapefoil Gold engravings and thought that was amaaaazing art :), as kids do, but my parents could not afford it. Years passed by, we arrived to Sweden as refugees and had to scrape on the bottom of society as it is common. Things improved, and thanks to my husband's never-dying optimism and encouragement I have a lot of art stuff now. 

So the other day I saw this tiger and all these things came back to me so I thought, damn it, I'm having it, silly as it may be. So here it scrapefoil tiger to satisfy inner child. 

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