Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day Four: Machine Embroidery

Today a project I have shelved for ages. My strategy is to work away on all things that are half done first to get up to speed and then surprise you all with my new, dazzling projects.

I knitted my teddy bear since, as a child, I never had one, unfortunately I knitted him before I knew what knit tension was so he is a bit long and thin but lovely to me. After I decided he should have some clothes. I made some felt, made a design for a waistcoat and left it. I always wanted to make some embroidery on it but manana, manana.. So here is a plain waistcoat made of felt.

Here is teddy wearing his plain waistcoat, reminding me of a job undone.

And here it is, all embroidered and lovely. I used machine embroidery and except for the hassle of constantly changing threads and praying to higher powers for the sawing machine not to be in one of it's moods, it's quite fun. And a bit dangerous since it's really fast.

And here is teddy wearing his finished waistcoat, much happier as you can see. Tomorrow....god knows what...

And, oh yeah, a bit of design work thrown in..

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