Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Day 107: Another doglet

Another little doglet, this time with some pictures of process and some tips. 
1. Use a sponge to jab your toy on. It's easier to shape and you don't jab your fingers.  

2. For little things like ears and tail, take a piece of felt and thenn prefelt it a bit on the sponge, make sure you turn it and keep it wide, you don't want a ball. If you felt it to tightly, it will not stick on to the body. 
After you attach it to the body as well as you can take another thin piece and wrap it around that ear/tail and use it as 'glue' and also to shape your ear/tail. You might find that a part of the body sinks in if you stab too much on same place. Just take another piece of felt and add it but keep the piece thin and wide and use layers, don't bunch it up on same spot.

3.After I felted my doglet enough I used scissors to shape it's head a bit. Don't know if you are supposed to do that but it might help. Also I can imagine the quality of fleece used helps, mine is not great but it works. Hope you find this useful. I am no expert, this is my 3rd felted toy but if you wan't to ask any questions please do. 

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