Saturday, 7 April 2012

Day 89: A scrap of meringue and some treasure hunt

As announced I did make some meringue, three plate sized pieces with chocolate sauce and apparently it was so delicious it was all gone before I managed to photograph it :) Well, that is at is should be.

Otherwise we managed to organise and play a easter treasure hunt. Me and grandad dressed up in some of our easter :) clothes. Grandad had this long tai chi robe made up in china while I had a green chinese shirt with purple pants and a hat I found in charity shop. The event started when we descended the stairs drumming on a drum and ringing a bell. Kids run to see what that was and then we started. There were eight clues, in and out of the house. With each clue there was a small treasure and that led to...

a LARGE treasure, aka a pinata that we suspended on the clothes rack. Kids weren't really hitting it hard enough to break so daddy was very happy to help out..We really stuffed it with chocolate so when it burst it was like a shower of colorful sweets to a huge delight of everyone around. After we gathered the treasure, we shared it out between each other with kids getting the lion share of it. Needles to say, they didn't eat anything else that day...

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