Sunday, 11 March 2012

Day 64: A Strand of Emotion - Scrappy

This is Scrappy. She is 6 years old and lives with mum, dad and big brother. Scrappy spends a lot of her time on her own while her parents work and her brother is with his friends. But that is ok as Scrappy learns to amuse her self. She also learns to dress her self, go to school and come home again. She learns that every stranger is a potential friend although you still have to be careful in choosing. If you choose well, your friends might share some cake with you. Scrappy also finds that reading a good book in library kills many hours while waiting for parents as well as opens door to new worlds and even more friends. Sometimes she gets fed up and sad with her parents and silly class mates but life is full of adventure waiting to happen, after all that is how she found  a friend who kept some racoons in his garden. Turns out, they love chocolate...and so does Scrappy.

Scrappy is created as a response to project "A Strand of Emotion", a project done together with other members of Facebook group 365ers - 2012
Please check it out to see other great 365 project our members are doing this this year.

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