Monday, 26 March 2012

Day 79: Rock Llama

Today was the day I thought I would get ahead a little and maybe make two things...Before I spent half a day on FB. Anyway, I often make things I see, this little lady comes from Mollie Makes craft magazine. But even though I am making something using someone else's idea I try and put my own spin on it. Hence instead of pretty pastel colored fluffy llama I made a fuschia rock llama sporting an earring. Still very cute though.

While I was stitching away my husband went to the garden and made THIS!

I could have cheated there and just pretended I made that too, but that would be only flower arrangement I would have made so clearly suspicious. I can't put any flowers together. Please observe how it hangs over on one end to create a pretty spread :) 

And below is just a picture of my one-eyed cat Poppy, who is usually creamy white but from now until autumn rains will permanently be dirty grey due to her love of rolling in dirt :) Also she is not allowed on the bed when that dirty but they obey as long as I am in the room. As soon as I turn my back the rules are scratched out and we start from zero, me going no, no, no and they looking at me like I'm crazy...


  1. the llama is adorable! (I've always liked llamas...) and what a beautiful arrangement (forsythia? and what are the pink flowers?). How lucky you are! Poppy is adorable also - such a cat personality! "Eh, I'll obey because you're in the room. But I do what I want." Fun - I love this post!! :)

  2. Lovely lama!

    Cats = no rules except that you should obey them to the best of your ability thank you.